About the author: (From his only "published" book 'The Great Challenge')
Ivan Sandomire is an 8-year-old student in 2nd grade at Acme Elementary School. He has lived in the area most of his life, surrounded by his family, cats, goats, chickens and trees. He enjoys reading, ice cream, transformers and singing.

Ivan Sandomire

Chemistry Lab
"top-quality leads"
"Ivan Sandomire convincingly portrays the shy, socially crippled Adrian."  

-Jeanette Toomer [Backstage]


"Ivan Sandomire’s fine performance as Mendy makes this one impossible to dismiss."

-Ed Gonzales [Slant]

"Engaging lead performances...Ivan Sandomire neatly balances vulnerability and rebelliousness, innocence and intelligence, as Mendy"

-Joe Leydon [Variety]