Ivan Sandomire


"Ivan Sandomire’s fine performance as Mendy makes this one impossible to dismiss."

-Ed Gonzales [Slant]

"Engaging lead performances...Ivan Sandomire neatly balances vulnerability and rebelliousness, innocence and intelligence, as Mendy"

-Joe Leydon [Variety]

Chemistry Lab
"top-quality leads"
"Ivan Sandomire convincingly portrays the shy, socially crippled Adrian."  

-Jeanette Toomer [Backstage]



Ivan Sandomire was born at home in Providence, R.I., and moved to rural Washington state as a tadpole/pollywog/wee bairn. When he was 8, his family moved to Seattle. After 6 years at boarding schools in the US and abroad during his teenage years, he returned briefly to Seattle. A newfound interest in acting led him to study at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in NYC. After graduation he toured the country as Ponyboy in The Outsiders and filmed the title role of Mendy. In a shift of focus at that time towards songwriting, he toured the US and some of Canada in a minivan tour or two or three or four playing his original music. He lived in NYC for the better part of two decades acting and playing music, as well as some time in San Francisco. Currently he is back in the great Pacific Northwest where he lives among the trees and goodly folk and enjoys playing piano for his cat, Thora. Whether she enjoys it as well is as yet to be determined.